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Last updated: 2020-05-29 23:13:00 +00:00
Wisconsin sees surge in coronavirus cases two weeks after reopening 
Wisconsin announced the reopening phase two weeks ago, and many corporate businesses in the state began operations almost immediately, and bars across Wisconsin were also crowded with people until the recent surge of coronavirus cases in the state. On Wednesday, there were 599 new cases in the state, the highest single-day increase since the outbreak. Thursday was not much better, there were still 512 new cases. The number of deaths and hospitalizations are also on the rise. The death toll reached a single-day peak of 22 on Wednesday, breaking the previous record of 19 deaths in a single day.
Last updated 2 days ago
New York City may reopen on June 8 
New York Governor Cuomo said that New York City, which has been hit hard by the epidemic, has slowly reached the reopening standards as planned, and plans to reopen New York City on June 8. But reopening does not mean that it can be restored to what it was before the epidemic. It still allows the restoration of the construction industry and manufacturing industry first, and retail stores can provide street pick-up services. But the Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, North Country and Central New York can enter the second stage, allowing barber shops to reopen and shop in-store, but only have a 50% entrance rate and require wearing Masks.
Last updated 2 days ago
Morgan Stanley plans to return some employees to the New York headquarters office in June 
Morgan Stanley's plan to return employees to work in June became one of the first Wall Street companies to return employees to the trading floor. Its competitor Goldman Sachs also said that some employees will be returned to the office in the next few weeks. Employees returning to the office must line up for a temperature check before entering the building. The elevator only allows two or three people to enter at a time. The company will prepare employees with masks and disinfectant hand sanitizers. In addition to sitting at the desk, in most cases it is necessary to wear masks.
Last updated 2 days ago
Google rescind job offers for thousands of contractors and temporary workers 
Google added 20,000 employees in 2019 and originally had the same recruitment plan this year. But last month, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that due to the uncertainty caused by the epidemic, recruitment and investment will slow down. Although Google had added 4,000 new employees at the time, and another 1,000 employees planned to start working soon. However, Google recently canceled the appointment of more than 2,000 contract or temporary workers. These employees are commonly referred to as TVC (temporary, vendors and contractors)within the company, and account for at least half of Google's approximately 300,000 employees. But for these preparatory employees who are ready to join Google, they suddenly know that they can't join the job and will be at a loss. Joli Holland was canceled by Google in mid-April. When headhunter Adecco contacted her, she was working as the chief cashier at Wells Fargo. After several rounds of interviews, she obtained the position with the entry date of March 23. But when she was told to go to work at Google, she was informed that the entry date would be postponed to April 6, and then postponed to April 13 and April 20. Eventually she was told that Google would cancel all temporary employment. She didn't get a penny or any severance pay while Google was waiting for her job. And she did not apply for unemployment because she voluntarily left her last job. Comment: Not only Google recently, but the news that Facebook stopped recruiting E4 level engineers two days ago was also a wave of people. Many people who worked hard to prepare for a long interview, the interview was eventually canceled. If you want to know more about this matter, you are welcome to go to the 1point3acres. Every day during the epidemic is uncertain. I hope to return to the new recruitment season soon. I hope everyone's efforts are not in vain.
Last updated 2 days ago
C.D.C. Recommends Sweeping Changes to American Offices 
The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention's sweeping new recommendation on the safest way For American companies to reopen their offices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus: desks in offices should be six feet apart. If not, the company should consider erecting a plastic barrier around the table. They even reversed years of advice on commuting and instead urged people to drive to work instead of taking public transport or carpooling to avoid the spread of the disease. Some companies already follow the rules, but others find it easier to make it easier for employees to work from home.
Last updated 2 days ago
Amazon to offer permanent roles to 70% of 175,000 new U.S. hires 
Amazon (amzn) plans to offer permanent jobs to about 70% of its temporary U.S. workforce to meet consumer demand during the outbreak. Amazon began telling its 125,000 warehouse employees in June that they could keep their jobs for the long term. It's also a sign that amazon's sales have grown enough to justify adding workers to fill the growing number of orders during the epidemic.
Last updated 2 days ago
Colleges Face Student Lawsuits Seeking Refunds After Coronavirus Closures 
At Columbia University, brown university, university of Pennsylvania, purdue university, Cornell university (Cornell), Vanderbilt university (Vanderbilt), free (Liberty) and Temple university (Temple), and other private universities, and California, Florida, north Carolina, and the public system of university of Arizona, now they are sued by his pupils. Many universities did refund some of their dorms and activities because of the closure. But the lawsuits argue that their refunds aren't enough, because students can't get into gyms, restaurants or in-person parties. And they will always have an asterisk on their diploma because they completed their degree online. Deborah Hensler, a law professor at Stanford law school, cited her personal experience as a faculty member who has taught online since the university closed its campus. She has been assigning readings, grading papers and conducting video discussions. In her opinion, she can provide the same quality education online as in person. She thinks the chances of success in these cases are slim, because the epidemic is like an act of god. The legal principle of force majeure will invalidate the contract, and students will not be able to win the lawsuit from the contract. But the incident raises a difficult question: what makes a college education really worthwhile?
Last updated 2 days ago
Nordstrom sales fell by 40%, department stores in U.S. are still in crisis 
So far, due to the outbreak, Neiman Marcus, J.C. Penney and Stage Stores have successively applied for bankruptcy protection. Macy's is also selling $ 1.3 billion in new debt to raise more liquidity. Nordstrom said on Thursday that the company's net sales fell by 40% in the first quarter, but unlike some of its peers, this department store chain is confident that it will maintain a strong financial position and that it can survive the hardships affected by the epidemic period.
Last updated 3 days ago
Due to the impact of the epidemic, Boston canceled the marathon for the first time in 100 years 
Due to the impact of the epidemic, the 124th Marathon originally planned for April 20 in Boston could not be held as scheduled. Organizers had hoped to hold it in the fall and postponed the race to September. However, it was announced on Thursday that September will not be able to hold this marathon as scheduled, and will cancel this event. This was also the first time Boston canceled a match in more than 100 years, and another cancel was made during the First World War in 1918. Although it is not possible to gather multiple people to participate in the epidemic, the Boston Sports Association is planning to hold a virtual event this week on September 7 instead. The organization will provide a printable finish line, group for participants who can prove that they have completed the game Discuss events and medals. The marathon in the epidemic is a brand-new challenge, but meeting the severe challenge is the meaning of the Boston Marathon. Continue to maintain the spirit of the marathon in a virtual form!
Last updated 3 days ago
Renault poised to announce 15,000 layoffs worldwide: union 
French car maker Renault will announce 15, 000 global job cuts on Friday as it unveils a plan to boost profitability and combat falling sales. Some 4,500 jobs will be cut in France, mainly through voluntary redundancy schemes and retirement schemes. Meanwhile, the French government said it would not approve a 5 billion euro national loan to Renault until the company's management and unions had concluded talks on cutting jobs.
Last updated 3 days ago

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